Tokyo Disney Resort: A Dream Come True

How long is long enough at Tokyo Disney?

A lifetime wouldn't be long enough, and I barely had 3 days! However, I still managed to have the time of my life.

We took a cab from Narita first thing in the morning to make it to TDR by 10AM. As we entered the gorgeousness that is World Bazaar, I ran into a certain someone I'd been hoping to meet!

I had a loooong list of characters I wanted to meet at TDR, and this guy was on it! Unfortunately, the Rescuers would prove to be impossible, as they were retired. I also did not get the dwarfs' autographs nor did I see Chesh or Bullseye. RIP.

After meeting Berlioz, I ran to get an FP for Pooh's Hunny Hunt, one of my 2 must-do's at TDL.

Then, it was time to meet Angel! She was a dream meet for me, so this was amazing!!!!

She was so so so so cute.

Then, I met one of the Jungle Monkeys in Adventureland!

After that, I went to have a quick lunch with my parents at the hotel, coming back in the late afternoon to meet Clarice!

As well as use my Pooh's Hunny Hunt FP.

The attraction was so much fun! I really enjoyed it and highly recommend riding it.

Next up, I went around trying snacks. Detailed in a later post :)

The fireworks and parade were cancelled due to high winds, so I headed back to the hotel after a lot of shopping.

The next day, I was up bright and early to go to DisneySea!

I started off by grabbing an FP for Journey to the Center of the Earth. I was missing its refurb by days. So lucky.

I then did Tower of Terror standby.

I loved all the Japanese elements. That's me at the bottom right.

More shopping after that, followed by heading to Mysterious Island to do 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea before Journey to the Center of the Earth.

20K Leagues was cool, but Journey was life-changing. I wanted to ride again, but the wait was so long. I did single rider for Indy instead!

It was very similar to ours in California.

I also did single rider for Raging Spirits, which was pretty fun! I then got an FP for SeaRider, which was for later in the afternoon.

Then, it was time to meet Toulouse!

After that, I did even more shopping and had a quick lunch at the pizza place in Mediterranean Harbor. Always ask CMs with a Mickey hand on their shirt for character info.

After lunch, I headed to Arabian Coast to ride Sinbad's Voyage. It was so cute!

Then, I headed to Mermaid Lagoon to meet Eric and Max!

The castle was soooo pretty!

Max and Eric were a bit tough to find, but I ended up managing!

Daisy was also there! She looked adorable. This was the only special overlay I got on the trip. Next time I'll try for more!

Then, I ended my day with SeaRider!

It was soooo much better than Seas with Nemo and Friends. Basically a Demo Star Tours! I loved it.

TDS was honestly the coolest theme park I'd ever been to.

My last day I tried for Bullseye, but no dice. However, I did a lot of shopping and an attraction!

Goodbye, TDS :'(

World Bazaar!!

Cinderella's Castle!!

And ended my stay at TDR with Ride and Go Seek. Such a fun attraction!!!!

I absolutely fell in love with TDR and hope to go back again very soon :)

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