Star Wars Day at Sea & WDW - Spring Break 2018

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

My spring break was unforgettable, both for Flower & Garden at WDW and especially our amazing Star Wars Day at Sea cruise aboard the Disney Fantasy! We'd had two cruises get cancelled due to bad luck, so we were very anxious about whether this one would happen or not. I'm so happy it did!

We flew in the Friday morning before our cruise. I planned on going to DAK to do a few attractions and then go to Epcot to enjoy Flower & Garden.

Before leaving DAK, I rode Dinosaur, Flight of Passage, and Expedition Everest, as well as getting this magic shot.

When I went to Epcot, I just strolled around the park, enjoying the different food and beverage stalls and admiring the topiaries. I love Flower & Garden. It's probably my second favorite of the Epcot festivals.

After that, I headed back to Kidani for dinner with my parents at Sanaa. We had an early bus to catch, after all!

We left the hotel around 9AM for the port and were aboard by 11AM. There were several special backdrops out to commemorate our voyage!

After the mandatory drill and some early shopping for SWDAS, I went to meet Captain Mickey!

Immediately after which, I saw Goofy!

And then Pluto!

Our dinner that evening was at Enchanted Garden. We had Heru and Macwin as our servers and they were amazing! Heru brought us Indonesian curries and chicken in addition to our meals every night and Macwin did magic tricks!

The next day, I woke up bright and early to get my hair done and meet some characters. First up, I saw Jessie!

And then Buzz, aka my favorite toy!

They had recently stopped having Boo and George Sanderson meet on these cruises, which was a bit of a bummer.

Next up was the ticketed Princess Gathering! By signing up for this event during my online checkin, I was able to guarantee meeting all the princesses! First up was the gorgeous Tiana.

I also got to see Belle!

Followed by Ariel, who loved my shirt since it had her on it!

And finally Cinderella!

After the gathering, I got to meet another princess - Princess Minnie!

Isn't she gorgeous?! I love her dress!

Soon enough, it was time to change into formal wear.

Minnie was out in her peacock dress, only on this ship!

I was told she no longer meets in her Jasmine dress, sadly.

Next up was Goofy!

I always feel so short next to him!

I also got to meet Captain Mickey in his special formal suit!

I haven't met him in this outfit on the Wonder.

After Mickey, I saw Pluto in his fancy collar.

As you can see, this good boi always makes me laugh.

Up next was Daisy!

I'd switched into flip flops since the ground was a bit hard under my flats.

Then, I ran into Pinocchio on my way to dinner!

I love randomly running into characters on the ship. It's so magical and fun!

Dinner was at Royal Court and we loved it! Royal Court is our favorite of all the Main Dining Rooms.

I just love everything about their set up! Sadly, the carriage bread baskets aren't for sale.

After dinner, I met my two favorite munks!

They looked so handsome in their suits!

I repeated the queue immediately for Donald.

And just before heading in to see "Aladdin", I ran into a couple of pirates!

The next day was another sea day, but characters were out in their island wear. However, an awesome surprise was Doctor Strange popping into the Oceaneer Lab for an open house show!

He even signed my autograph book! He asked if any of the princesses on it were able to cast spells like him, to which I sadly replied no.

After that, I caught up with Island Goofy!

He was beyond ready to catch some sun!

After Goofy, I saw Woody was going to be meeting!

After Woody, I finally got to meet DCL Daisy! She looked so gorgeous!

Minnie was also out in her DCL wear since she hadn't been the previous day.

My Shutters photo didn't show up, which is something you've gotta look out for.

After Minnie, my all-time fave, Stitch, came out!

And so did Chip & Dale in their DCL outfits!

Pinocchio also made a scheduled appearance, which I was excited for.

He was once very elusive for me, and now he's everywhere!

After dinner at Animator's Palate, we went to see "Black Panther" in the theater and enjoyed it immensely, before heading to bed. We had a long day coming up!

The next day was St. Maarten day and Pirate Night! We were super excited. My mom had a relaxing spa day booked while my dad and I were heading out to go zip lining!

Our adventure started around 8AM when we headed to the D Lounge to meet up with others going on the excursion. We took a short bus ride to the nature park and ascended up to the zip line point.

My dad and I were the first ones down the zip line that day, which is the steepest in the world!

After exploring the rest of the Rockland Estate, we headed back to the ship. After all, I needed to get ready for Pirate Night!

I changed into my Angelica costume and went to meet Daisy.

After Daisy, it was time to see my favorite chipmunks!

And of course a visit to Donald, since he's #1!

Goofy was up next, looking like a real pirate!

Followed by my favorite, Stitch! :)

I absolutely love his pirate outfit! He's SO freaking cute.

After Stitch, I saw the leading lady, Minnie!

And the Hook & Smee!

After these guys, I went to wait in Captain Jack's very long line. He's quite popular!

And my last official meet of the night was my main mouse, Mickey!

However, on the way to dinner, I did run into a surprise visitor!

Ariel was there and she remembered me from the previous day!! She said she loved my outfit, and I told her that her dress was gorgeous too.

After dinner, we saw the Pirate deck show and the fireworks! It's always a really cool experience seeing fireworks at sea.

The next day was another port day, this time St. Thomas. We got off to explore the port area for a little bit.

After that, I went swimming, to the spa, and then to meet a few characters in their island wear!

First was Minnie.

Pluto had a special island collar on.

You can't really see it, but it's there!

Daisy was next, looking FAB.

And her boy, Donald, in matching tropical wear!

Chip & Dale came out to say hi.

And finally Mickey!

It was the Captain's Gala dinner that night, so our servers brought out some curries and lots of lobster since they'd heard me say I was excited about it. Such awesome guys!

After dinner, I said hi to Peter.

And even ran into Pinocchio and Gepetto!

The last meet I had planned on that night was Cinderella in front of her gorgeous mural.

But Mr. Smee came out to say hi to everyone!

I always laugh at how awkward I look in this picture.

I turned in a bit early because the next day was Star Wars Day! I couldn't contain my excitement.

After waking up bright and early, I busted out my Leia costume and got ready.

First up was my ticketed meet with Chewie that I'd booked during online checkin.

After that, I began wandering the main three decks to find the roaming characters and got lucky finding Ezra and Sabine almost immediately!

Two Imperial Officers tracked me down to make sure I wasn't a rebel spy, like my lookalike.

And Zam was skulking around the corridors, so of course I needed a picture with her!

Girl power, am I right?

Then, it was time for me to meet 3PO and R2 at their ticketed meet!

They were such a fun meet!

I did a few non character photos after that.

Had to get a picture with my boo, right?

It was really fun dressing up, a bunch of kids came up and asked to take pictures with me or gave me hugs.

Next up, I met some stormtroopers!

Even if they were shooting at me, I would've felt pretty safe.

I ran into a certain Gamorrean Guard next.

After that, it was time for a ticketed meet with Vader.

My dad ran up to give him a hug, which was hilarious.

We went to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for our Star Wars makeovers after, which was really fun! They gave me actual Leia buns and a cute shirt, which you can see in my picture here with Ahsoka, the last character I needed to meet :)

Unlike the other photos which were with a headband, this is my actual hair in Leia buns.

After meeting Ahsoka, we did some Star Wars trivia, had dinner (where we celebrated me and my dad's birthdays) and watched "Rogue One". After that, we headed up to the top deck to see the Star Wars deck show and fireworks. Absolutely amazing. Two fireworks shows in one cruise!

The next day was Castaway Cay day. I had a parasailing excursion booked and hoped it wouldn't get cancelled like last time.

First up, I met Donald!

He was ready for a swim!

I saw the captain next.

I think it's fair to assume he was looking for some rum.

Chip and Dale were out trying to catch a wave.

Daisy seemed beach ready too.

And Goofy offered up some surf lessons before I went parasailing!

Unfortunately, it started sprinkling, so I didn't get to meet Pluto, Mickey, or Minnie. Hopefully in May!

Soon, it cleared up and it was parasailing time! I headed to Marge's Barges and boarded a boat with a few other people. I was the first to be sent up in the air.

I can't even describe how amazing it was. It was terrifying but life changing. It honestly felt like I was flying.

The rest of the cruise passed by in a blur, and before I knew it, we were checking back into Kidani and I was on my way to DHS.

I started my half day there off with lunch at H&V.

Daisy greeted me for the springtime dine.

Mickey came round to the table first. This was my last time meeting him in his old look.

Donald came around next.

Then Goofy.

And finally, I met Minnie in her old look for the last time.

I'll always miss that eyeshadow and lipstick.

After lunch, I went on Star Tours, ToT, RRC, saw the "Frozen" singalong, and the Disney Jr dance party.

I then met Doc McStuffins for the first time!

You can see how tan I got... And my farmer's tan.

We spent the next few days exploring Disney Springs and relaxing. Soon, it was time for Moonlight Magic at DAK!

I lined up 3 hours early to be one of the first to see my childhood hero, Darkwing Duck!

He loved my shirt!

After DW, I met Carl Fredricksen for the first time and saw Dug and Russel again!

Their line was slow and very long.

Jimmy was up next! I'd met him before at AP Days a year earlier, but I got a better photo and an autograph this time. His line moved pretty fast!

After Jiminy, I went to Scrooge and Launchpad's meet. I'd met Scrooge but really wanted to meet Launchpad. At this point, I didn't know when our next visit to WDW would be, so I wasn't sure if I'd get to see him at Dinobash. LP was having some difficulty with his plane so he disappeared for about an hour. I found him near Restaurantosaurus and didn't make the cut for his first set. I had nothing else I specifically wanted to do, so I waited and was first for his second set.

I'd wanted to meet him for so long and finally got the picture I'd always wanted - us flying together!

We flew home the next day. This trip, I met 14 new characters, which was pretty decent. I left feeling a bit sad, as I didn't have a next trip planned yet. However, Star Wars Nite was coming up so I was excited for that!