Shanghai Disneyland: An Underrated Gem

Full disclosure? Shanghai Disney started off as just a park to cross off the list. I was scared of the line jumping, public restroom using, and other horror stories I'd heard. Little did I know this would become my favorite park in the world.

When we arrived, we were told we'd been selected as the guests of the day for our park day! We'd get special transportation to the park and reserved seating for the parade/fireworks.

I did a few attractions the afternoon we got there, particularly Tron. It was all I dreamed of and more.

We stayed Kingdom Club so Mickey in his jammies bade us good night.

The next morning, we were up bright and early and were greeted in the lobby by Ellie, our host, who took us to the park. We got some great empty park pictures on the way in!

The first thing we did was go on Pirates, which was high tech and amazing and everything I'd dreamed of! We rode Soarin' next, which was also very cool but about what you'd expect.

Then, we went to Mickey Avenue to meet some characters!

ShellieMay was first.

The CM told me StellaLou would join her in her next set.

Gelatoni and Duffy were next! Gelatoni was my first new character at SDL!

They were all in their classic looks - so cute!

Some shopping and then met StellaLou aka my love!

After that, I went on Tron again. Twice.

The FP system here is SO great. They even let you buy them if they're out for the day. Sooo cool.

I met my fave, Captain Marvel, afterward!

I then got to see their famous parade from my reserved, perfect, amazing spot. The Ping float was AMAZING!!! I also got some gifts and personalized street art from the hosts. CMs here are AMAZING.

They drew my two favorites!

After that, I rode Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, and my fave, Voyage to the Crystal Grotto. It started raining pretty hard, so I headed to the hotel for a little bit to fuel up at Kingdom Club.

Then it was time for our character meal in the castle! Minnie greeted us.

Mickey came around first, while we were having some awesome soup.

Prince Donald came next. So handsome!

Isn't he handsome?!

Daisy came round while we had our entrees - lobster spaghetti for me which was amazing, followed by cheesecake!

Princess Daisy looked so lovely!

I ended the night watching the fireworks from my reserved seat. I laughed, I cried. I'd done two of the Asian parks.

Shanghai Disneyland deserves more recognition. The CMs, the atmosphere, THE CASTLE, the characters...

I felt like a real princess here. The best day of my life.

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