Pixar Nite Recap: The Most New Characters I've Ever Gotten in One Night!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Going into Pixar Nite, I had pretty low expectations. I figured I'd get the characters from "Onward" for sure, plus Bullseye if I was lucky.

I was so wrong.

I started off the night by meeting some friends at the Mickey/Minnie line. They were not meeting together, so Mickey came out first...

Disney bounding as Woody! His outfit was amazing!

Afterwards, my friends and I headed to the bridge to Pixar Pier, where we met Marlin and Nemo!

Seeing them was literally such a shock! This was my first time meeting any characters from "Finding Nemo"! We found out Dory would be out later so we went back to queue up for Minnie.

She was so happy that we matched outfits!!

I really loved the outfits they sent Mickey and Minnie out in as they really tied in with the theme of the event.

We headed back to the Pier to get Nemo with Dory next.

Soooo cute!

We headed into Hollywood Land to check out the Monsters Dance Party afterwards. This was by far the coolest part of my night. The minute we got there, Squishy greeted us!

Followed by Terry and Terri :)

Some Monsters University cheerleaders were on hand spreading fear.

I also finally got to meet Sulley wearing his letterman, which I'd missed out on a few years ago! This was kinda a big deal for me as Sulley is one of my faves.

Mike was also out, uni hat, braces, and all :)

But the coolest part was ART making an appearance! Never in my wildest dreams did I expect him to turn up.

I love love love how he winks for pics!

Then, the dance party time-traveled back to the present - and Monster's Inc. Some monsters crashed the party.

George Sanderson also joined in on the fun!

And I finally met Boo, who I'd wanted to meet for so long!!

From the Monsters Inc family, I'm not only missing Smitty and Needleman.

After meeting so many characters at the dance party, I went and waited in line to meet Wall-E and EVE. Roz came around while I was in line but I stuck it out and figure I'd meet her later in the party.

I cannot even begin to describe how cute they were, holding hands and looking into each other's eyes!

After meeting these precious cuties, I met the characters from Pixar's newest film, "Onward", at their Disneyland debut!

The brothers and Guinevere were such a fun meet.

The last formal meet of the night was the entire Toy Story gang together - a once in a lifetime photo op!

This was, shockingly, my first time meeting Bullseye, so of course I got a quick solo shot with him as well.

I ended the night by racing back to the dance party and praying to get Roz.

My prayers were answered!!!!!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd meet her!

This event was absolutely nuts and I loved every minute of it.

Other characters that were meeting included Remy, Emile, Miguel Rivera, Joy, Sadness, Merida, the cars from "Cars", Russell, Carl, Dug, Flik, and Atta. I do wish they'd brought out the CDA workers, Linguini, Francis, Slim, or Gypsy, but this was an extremely successful night. I got 17 new characters in under four hours.

I am so excited for Villains Nite next month - fingers crossed for Yzma and Stromboli.

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