My Last Mickey's Halloween Party

2018 was the last year of Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland. The previous year, I'd met several new characters - Clarabelle, Horace, Wendy, and Maleficent. 2018? Some very interesting ones too.

Outfits were the same for the Pre Party, so I ended up skipping it.

My first line was Mickey & Minnie in their Hong Kong Disneyland outfits. So cute!

I ended up being the first person in line for them, having lined up an hour early.

Next, I headed back to Town Square as that's where the majority of the other meets I planned on were.

First up, I got Super Goof!

These lines were fairly short and they were out all night rotating.

Ratcliffe was roaming so I got a quick photo with him too!

I then got in line for Hades and it was stressful! I didn't know if Facilier would leave or if I needed to move back to the end of the line! I didn't move and ended up being Hades' second guest.

This was my first time meeting any "Hercules" character - I was so excited!

Chip, Dale, and Pluto were next, but Goofy replaced Pluto for some reason.

I then headed to New Orleans Square, where Sally Slater and Constance Hatchaway were meeting for the first time! So exciting.

They were rotating, so I got Sally first.

And repeated the queue immediately for Constance, getting them both within an hour.

The night was nearing an end and I still needed Phasma, so I headed to Tomorrowland. She wouldn't be in Launch Bay till 11:30PM, and I had class the next day, so I bailed. But I ran into her roaming outside!

I do wish I had a PhotoPass picture with her though!

It was a successful night and I couldn't wait for the next Halloween. Little did I know how much Halloween at DLR would change in 2019.

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