My First Disney Cruise & Christmas Time at WDW

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

In December 2016, my family set off on our first ever Disney Cruise, and let me tell you, we never looked back! It was a Very Merry Time cruise on the Fantasy, DCL's newest vessel, and it was amazing! Before the cruise, I also got to go to Walt Disney World and attend my first Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party!

Our trip got off to a bumpy start, however. It was the day of our flight and we were set to land at 4PM, with MVMCP starting at 7PM. It was already cutting it close, and then our flight was cancelled. We were put on the next flight and were set to land at 6PM. Cutting it even closer, but still probably okay. But then our flight was delayed! I was freaking out. I called Disney and they kindly refunded our tickets. When we landed at 10PM, we went straight to sleep. After all, I had a full park day the next day as well as the party!

This was December 2016, so Frozen Ever After had just opened, and Joy & Sadness were meeting at Epcot. So, this was a must. I waited for rope drop and ran to FEA. I LOVED IT! Then, I went to meet Joy & Sadness for the first time!

They were sooooo cute and gave the best hugs!

After meeting them, I rode Journey into Imagination with Figment, Test Track, and Spaceship Earth before heading back to the Grand to meet my mom and a family friend for lunch.

And finally it was time for the Christmas party! Our priorities were the dwarves, Aurora/Phillip & Snow/Prince, Jack Sparrow, Country Bears, Scrooge, & Abu. We decided to skip the dwarves since my mom was with me and I didn't feel like subjecting her to that long of a wait. We decided to head to the princes.

Snow was lovely and Florian (is that even confirmed?) was very charming!

I had the hugest crush on Phillip as a kid so this was a dream come true!

Next, we got some free hot chocolate and cookies, then headed to the Aladdin line. We ended up missing Abu the first go-round, but got Genie in a holiday scarf!

I did eventually end up getting Abu though - after some more cocoa and cookies.

This was my first time meeting him - he's so cute!

After meeting these guys, we decided to try to meet Jack Sparrow before the parade and managed to make it to his line just in time!

He only signed my book after I promised to capture Tinkerbell for him.

Next, it was almost time for the parade, but I wanted to try to meet the Country Bears. They were roaming, so it proved difficult. However, I did end up meeting Wendell!

We watched the parade, hot chocolate in hand, and really enjoyed it! After that, it was time to meet Scrooge and Donald. The line was so long that we ended up seeing the fireworks while waiting!

This is the only time I've met Scrooge in his classic outfit.

We decided to call it a night since we were getting up early for our cruise! With one last picture in front of the tree and some corn dog nuggets from Casey's Corner, we headed back to the Grand.

The next morning, it was time to *Kylie Jenner voice* ruuuu-hise and shiiii-eeene. It was embarkation day for our first ever Disney Cruise! We were brimming with excitement. It was an hour's drive to the port aboard the DCL bus, which was fun. They kept us entertained with cartoons and trivia questions all the way.

Once we got to the cruise terminal, we had to wait about twenty minutes to get on the actual ship. And when we did, I was shocked at how absolutely gorgeous it was. We went for lunch at the on-board buffet, Cabanas, which had an assortment of food. Then, I decided to explore and meet some characters! First was DCL Minnie.

I seriously regret not getting the USB because most of my character photos are trash from this cruise :(

Mickey came out soon after!

Then, just before dinner, I decided to meet Goofy!

We had dinner at Animator's Palate the first night - it was so much fun! Crush swam around on the walls (giant screens) and chatted with the guests. Bruce made an appearance too!

After dinner, I went to meet Donald and was surprised to see that the characters all had holiday outfits in the evening!

See what I mean about bad quality photos? :(

Then, we were pretty tired, so after walking around the top deck, we headed back to our stateroom to watch some on-demand movies.

The next day would have our formal night dinner, so I mainly spent the day lounging around by the pool and enjoying the showers in the spa! Dinnertime came and we enjoyed some lobster at the beautiful Enchanted Garden restaurant!

After dinner, we did some shopping at the stores on board and then went to watch Disney's Aladdin musical! It was so amazing! The Genie was easily the best part and was absolutely hilarious.

After the show, we ran into Pluto dressed like a reindeer! (I'd gone back to the room and changed immediately after dinner as I'm not a fan of fancy clothes).

It was pretty late by this point, so we headed back to the room to, again, watch some movies!

The next day was our first port day in Cozumel! We planned to stay on the ship and enjoy while everyone else did their thing. First thing in the morning I ran into Mickey!

Donald came out soon after.

We spent some time on the top deck, taking pictures and enjoying the scenery.

I asked my mom to take a "Titanic" picture of me since the sea looked so beautiful.

We took some pictures in front of the tree before dinner.

Dinner that night was at Royal Court. We enjoyed their menu - it was probably the best steak I've ever had!

After dinner, we watched "Moana". I bawled my eyes out and laughed my heart out. "Moana" became one of my favorite, and most re-watched, Disney movies.

The next day was another port day, this time Grand Cayman. It was pretty empty on board so I got to take some nice pictures in the atrium.

I splurged on some spa treatments and enjoyed the spa facilities, as well as riding the AquaDuck more than a few times.

This was the only day Daisy was set to be coming out in her DCL outfit, so I made sure to meet her as well.

She's so gorgeous!!

Dinner that night was at Animator's Palate. We got to draw our own characters that were brought to life on the big screen!

It was really cool to see something I'd drawn up there!

After dinner, we got to watch "Disney Wishes", a show that has since been retired. It was really cute.

The next day was Falmouth. We decided to get off the ship and explore the port a little, since it didn't need tendering. That day was also going to be Pirate Night!

The port was pretty nice!

We bought a couple of touristy items, as well as stopping by Margaritaville!

By the time we got back to the ship, it was time for the Pirate Night festivities!

First up, I got to meet Mr. Smee for the first time!

Mickey was up next!

I read Peter Pan was on board, so of course I had to meet him too.

And, of course, Captain Jack :)

After a delicious dinner at Enchanted Garden with yummy samosas, we got to see the Pirate Night fireworks! We ended the night by watching "Finding Dory", which was super cute.

The next day was a day at sea, so again I got to enjoy the spa and pool!

This Cinderella mural was one of the most beautiful parts of the ship.

Also took a few pictures by the gingerbread house. It smelled delicious!

The show that night was "Disney's Believe", which was probably my least favorite of the three, but still very cute.

The next day was the last full day of our cruise, but the one I was most excited for - a day at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay! I was booked for parasailing, but due to high winds, it was cancelled. I spent the day lazing by the beach and snorkeling instead.

Jack was on the beach looking for rum.

The beach was absolutely gorgeous.

Olaf was also getting gorgeously tanned.

And then, it was our last evening on board. We did some shopping, and enjoyed the pool. However, we were super excited to see "Rogue One" that night as it had premiered the night before! Before seeing the movie, I did the "Sea Ya Real Soon" party and met the characters who I hadn't gotten in holiday outfits.

Pluto had a special collar on.

Minnie looked lovely!

Daisy looking fabulous as ever!

Goofy in his holiday best!

And my two favorites!

The line had been cut before I could get Mickey, so I just got him after dinner.

We then got to see Rogue One and I was blown away. It became one of my top 4 "Star Wars" films that day.

The next day, we disembarked, but there was still some fun to be had! I got to go to DHS for the day! First things first, I said hi to Richard after checking in at the Grand.

Then, I was off to meet Moana!

She was so lovely and taught me to way find!

After doing a few attractions, I bumped into two of China's finest on the way out of the park :)

This was my first (and only thus far) time meeting Mushu!

I headed back to the hotel to enjoy the festive decorations and dinner with my family.

The next day was our departure day. However, I had plans to go to MK for about a half day before our flight.

First thing, I headed to Fairytale Hall to meet Princess Elena!

We had a fun chat about our grandmas.

Then, I met Merida!

She's always so great!

I went on Mine Train before I saw that the Tweedles were out and ran to meet them.

I also got info from a CM that Suzy and Perla would be out! I got to meet them too :)

After riding PeopleMover, Peter Pan, and Space Mountain, it was time for me to say goodbye to Disney World for the second time.

I had such an amazing trip and ended up meeting 16 new characters! Not a crazy amount, but it was still super fun. I couldn't wait for our next cruise or to come back to these parks that I'd fallen in love with.

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