Hot Girl Summer at Disneyland

I visited Disneyland a couple of times after getting back from WDW and made some pretty great memories with great friends.

My first visit was mainly to experience Galaxy's Edge, which freaking blew my mind.

My first order of business was to meet Vi Moradi, which I did. She was so cool!! Then, I got a pic with the Falcon.

And some extra special magic happened for me when Vi jumped in my Photopass picture!!

Next up, holochess while in line for Smuggler's Run!

I got to be a pilot, which was pretty fun!

After that, I got a thermal detonator Diet Coke!

And a picture of me with this backdrop too :)

I tried the blue milk next. Glad I did, but not my fave.

Rey bade me farewell on my way out - in her "Last Jedi" outfit!

After that, I went to Toontown and met Bandleader Mickey for the first time!

And finished my trip by meeting Bo :)

I went back a few days later to experience Oga's Cantina.

I started my day in Toontown, though, where I finally met Steamboat Willie!

Then, Oga Time!

While I loved the decor, I didn't love my drink. I'll try something else next time! This was the Blue Bantha.

After that, I headed to DCA, where I met Red, the fire engine!

I then met up with my friends and did a ton of attractions, as well as meeting Goofy on Buena Vista Street!

We also closed out DCA, doing the after hours ride on GotG.

So fun!

So fun!

I came back again a few days later to spend the day in the parks.

The only characters I met that day were Phasma...

And Donald :)

The rest of the day was spent doing attractions, Turtle Talk, various shows, watching MSEP, and Mickey's Mix Magic.

And my last visit of the summer was to see Miguel at the AP Meet and Greet :)

DL in the summer is very hot, but very fun if done right with friends :)

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