Hong Kong Disneyland Trip Report

Out of the Asian Disney parks, Hong Kong Disneyland is the one where I spent the most time, which is odd since it's arguably the smallest of the DL parks around the world. However, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in character. I loved this park so much! Everything was so cute!!

We stayed Kingdom Club here, like we did in Shanghai, and checked in late afternoon on a Thursday. After heading to the room to freshen up, we came back to Kingdom Club to have a light dinner, and I got to meet a special someone!

Pajama Minnie!! She loved my shirt that I'd gotten at Shanghai DL the previous day :)

The next morning, I was up around 9 and was one of the first few people into the park. Per advice from my friend, Will, I ran to Mickey and Minnie's meet and greet. I waited about an hour which is okay as I loved their outfits so much!

Aren't they the cutest?!

Next on the agenda was meeting any other friends I could find on Main Street. I ran into Chip & Dale next.

The Big 8 and Duffy and Friends were all out in adorable springtime outfits!

After Chip & Dale, I headed to Mystic Manor, the attraction I was most excited for and it blew my mind! It's unlike any Haunted Mansion variant I've ever been on, and Albert the Monkey is the cutest thing ever! I bought all his merch.

After Mystic Manor, I did the Iron Man attraction, which was basically Iron Man Star Tours! I absolutely loved it! Iron Man's meet and greet wait time was a bit long, so I decided to get lunch instead in Tomorrowland.

Next up, it was really hot, so I headed to Karibuni Marketplace, hoping Nick and Judy would be there. I wanted to wrap up a bit early since I was not feeling so great. Nick and Judy were there and loved my Judy-inspired outfit!

I also finally got Nick and Judy's autographs here as they don't sign in DL!

On my way out, I got the closest thing I'd get to a castle picture, with it going through its transformation.

After a quick rest at the room, it was time for our character dinner at Enchanted Garden! They had an amazing variety of food, and Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, and Pluto stopped by to say hello, with Mickey and Minnie in special outfits!

Doesn't he look dapper?!

And Minnie looked great too!

After dinner, Donald said goodnight to all the Kingdom Club guests, in his PJs of course!

The next day, I started out at HKDL bright and early. The first thing I did was meet Goofy and Pluto.

And then, I met my first of 2 new characters at HKDL, the adorable Cookie, now CookieAnn!

Isn't she precious?!

Next up, I did the Iron Man attraction again... I couldn't get enough! It's important to note that lands open at different times, i.e. Tomorrowland opens later than Fantasyland.

After the Iron Man attraction, I went on Grizzly Gulch Runaway Mine Train, which was SO fun and I enjoyed it much more than Big Thunder! The animatronics were great. Mystic Manor again after that, followed by Toy Story Land. The attractions in their TSL were better than DHS, in my opinion at least.

After doing all the attractions I wanted, I met my last two characters of the day.

First was the adorable StellaLou!

Followed by Gelatoni!

ShellieMay unfortunately didn't come out at all while I was there :(

After that, we enjoyed a dim sum meal at Crystal Lotus (separate review coming soon) and sight-seeing around Hong Kong!

Then, after dinner, Mickey came out to say goodnight on our last night in Hong Kong. I got lucky and met all 3 in their PJs even though they are random on what night they come out.

However, they have since added Duffy to the PJ group, so I have an excuse to go back!

The next morning, our flight wasn't till 6PM, so I basically had a whole day at the park. I started off by rope dropping (or waiting for an hour till Tomorrowland opening) the new Ant-Man attraction. A bit of a letdown but still fun that I was one of the first 100 aboard.

After that, I met the man, the legend, Tony Stark!

I then headed to Grizzly Gulch to ride Mine Train a few times.

I then meet Minnie in her Grizzly Gulch outfit!

I love that they have outfits themed to Grizzly Gulch!

Then, it was time for a last go around on Mystic Manor, aka the best dark ride EVER.

I also did each TSL attraction one more time, just for the heck of it.

I then headed back to Main Street to meet the last pair I needed (other than ShellieMay) for springtime - Donald & Daisy!


I ended the day by seeing Chip and Dale in their Grizzly Gulch outfits.

I only need Mickey's Grizzly Gulch outfit now!

18 hours later I was home. I hope to go back during Halloween and Christmas very soon to get Grizzly Gulch Mickey, as well as special holiday overlays and see the castle in all its refurbished glory :)

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