Holidays at Disneyland Resort (2017)

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

There's nothing quite like Christmas at Disneyland. My first time doing character meets during the holidays was so much fun. I got pictures with the characters in such cute outfits!

Miss Daisy was out on Main Street in a chic snowflake dress! She looked gorgeous.

Minnie wore her classic snowflake outfit too!

Chip and Dale looked extra snuggly in their Christmas sweaters!

Mickey was also wearing a classic snowflake outfit.

Goofy was also decked out in his snowflake best!

And Pluto had the cutest Santa hat!

My last meet of the day was with my #1, Donald.

A few days later, I heard Clarabelle was out in her new look, so I checked it out!

Then, a week later, I went back to see the Viva Navidad outfits.

I'd met Jose and Panchito two years prior, so I skipped them. First up was Mariachi Goofy!

And Mickey and Minnie!

Pluto was out by Pacific Wharf with antlers on!

And on the way out of the park, I bumped into Donald, who wore a scarf since it was a bit chilly!

The next day, I met the rest of the Buena Vista Street crew.

First up was Minnie. It was a bit chilly, so her jacket was on.

Next up was Newsie Mickey!

And Goofy, with a special candy cane tie!

And I ended my character meets at DLR for the year with Minnie, sans jacket.

Christmas is much more chill than Halloween at DLR, but no less magical. I'll be going in a week or so and will make a post for 2019 then.

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