Halloween Time at Walt Disney World

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

After our first Disney Cruise, we were all set for our Halloween on the High Seas cruise aboard the Fantasy in September 2017, along with a few days before and after at WDW. However, Hurricane Irma had other plans for us. Our cruise was one of the three cancelled due to the hurricane - we ended up cancelling WDW as well so that those who needed the rooms for evacuations would be able to have them.

We rebooked for the weekend before Halloween. I was super excited because I'd be attending my first (two) Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! I'd done the Christmas party, but I'm a sucker for Halloween. I'd also get to meet some new characters/get some new outfits, which I was stoked for!

We took a redeye from LAX and arrived at WDW (Yacht Club this time) at 6 in the morning. I ended up snagging a reservation for 7:30AM at Trattoria al Forno, which was brand new at this point. I was very excited to meet Prince Eric!

When I went, Flynn was out exploring, but I got to meet Raps, who was lovely as always.

Merida popped in to sub for Flynn.

Ariel came by next. She was lovely as always.

Finally, Eric came by! I got his autograph. He asked who was on my shirt, and I told him it's one of the Guardians of the Galaxy. He was quite happy that we have someone brave like Baby Groot protecting us.

After a great breakfast of steak, eggs, and the cute little frying pan with pastries, I headed to DHS. My first stop was meeting Mickey & Minnie!

Minnie was so gorgeous!

And seeing Sorcerer Mickey is always fun!

I decided to stop by Launch Bay and meet BB-8 since he had a short wait.

Since I had a little time to kill before my Fastpass window closed, I met Kylo too.

And I couldn't go to Launch Bay without meeting Chewie!

I then used my Fastpasses for Rockin' Rollercoaster and Tower of Terror - two of my favorite attractions at any park. RRC really shakes you up, though! I went near the end of the first window and the beginning of the second, so they were basically back to back. Then, it was time to meet Star Lord and Baby Groot!

Baby Groot didn't show up in the picture due to the angle...

I did a few more attractions while waiting for lunchtime. Then, we went to Hollywood & Vine!

Minnie is always such an excellent hostess!

Daisy is the cutest witch ever!

High-key sad this outfit was retired!

Cute vampire!!

And Goofy sent us off!

After a fun lunch, we rode Star Tours and then stumbled upon Character Palooza.

Seeing The Queen is always fun.

Then, I went back to YC to get ready for the party. I went as Pocahontas but forgot to wear the necklace. I started off by getting in line super early to meet the dwarves.

I then went to see the Tarzan gang :)

This was my first time meeting Terk and Jane!

I stopped by Pecos Bill for dinner after that and had some awesome food. Then, I found Brer Rabbit!

First time meeting this cutie!

Then, I got in line for Lotso, who had quite a long line!

He actually smelled like strawberries and I love him so much!

I was pretty tired by this point, so I called it a night after watching the parade.

The next morning, my mom and I headed to DAK to check out Pandora for the first time! We started the day off by going on the life changing attraction which is Flight of Passage. Nothing beats the feeling of going on FoP for the first time. I was in shock at how amazing it was.

We then met Timon for the first time!

I love him, he's so funny!

Then, we stopped by Dinoland to meet Donald, since he and my mom share a birthday!

Since we were in Dinoland, I rode Triceratop Spin while waiting for our Primeval Whirl Fastpass and reasonably enjoyed it! I almost died on Primeval Whirl since I was riding alone though.

Next was Goofy and Pluto!

I think this is the only (or only one of two) time I ever met them in these outfits.

Next, I met one of my favorite princesses, Pocahontas :)

She was wearing her lovely winter wear, which was surprising since it was October.

Then, we had a Fastpass to meet safari Mickey and Minnie :)

This is one of the only places you can meet these two together. There's always a long wait, so this is one of the few meets I Fastpass.

Next, we had a delicious lunch at Tusker House! The food was soooo good, I was surprised!

Mickey was wearing a safari outfit slightly different from his in-park meet.

Same thing for Donald! He was adorable as always.

Weirdly enough, Daisy meets here while Minnie does not.

And Goofy stopped by last :)

On our way out of the park, we saw Flik had a short line and hopped in, which is good because he was cut shortly after :(

We then headed back to the hotel and got ready for MNSSHP, which we were going to attend with my dad. I headed out first so I could get in line early and meet Donald and Daisy!

Followed by Goofy dressed as a pirate.

This was the first year he met in this outfit.

Then, we are at Cosmic Ray's before seeing the parade, Hocus Pocus show, and fireworks. It turned out to be a lot of fun having a laid back plan. We ended the night early as we had an early day.

The following day, we headed out bright and early for breakfast at Cape May Cafe.

My favorite stopped by first!

Minnie was in her old look. This was also before Daisy was added to the lineup. Breakfast ended with a visit from Goofy.

I then headed to Epcot to do some character meets and watch the Circle of Life. I then went to meet Baymax again.

When World Showcase opened up, I headed straight to meet Mulan!

This was my first time meeting her in her new look.

Then, I met Mexican Donald :)

Honestly the cutest ever.

We then rode Gran Fiesta Tour.

Then, it was time for lunch at Garden Grill! We had some amazing salmon, pot roast, mashed potatoes, fries, and more. Meeting Farmer Mickey was also super awesome!

We rode Living with the Land after lunch and then I headed to MK to do a few attractions and see the fireworks. It started raining so the park cleared out a bit, which was nice.

The next morning was the start of our last day in the parks. Our flight was in the evening so I had a half day to enjoy at MK.

I started the day by sleeping in a little bit, then going to the park to ride Peter Pan's Flight. I also went to Country Bear Jamboree for the first time and adored it. I wish they'd kept it in addition to adding Winnie the Pooh at Disneyland, but oh well. I then checked out Monster's Inc Comedy Club, which was adorable, then the Muppets History show (RIP) which was super funny, followed by Mickey's Friendship Faire.

After a quick lunch at Columbia Harbor House, it was time for Princess Tiana's Riverboat Dessert Party! I love me some ice cream, so ice cream, Tiana, Naveen, along with a great view of the parade and a fun ride on the riverboat? Count me in!

This trip brought me 16 new characters. Nothing crazy, but a fun trip.

Alas, nothing lasts forever, so it was time to pack up and head home. However, we were already planning our January return to WDW on the plane home :)

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