Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort (2017)

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

There's nothing quite like Disneyland at Halloween. 2017 was a big year for Halloween season at the Disneyland Resort. It marked the first year that Oogie Boogie took over and cast a spell at DCA, leading to many fun decorations and new character outfits. Near the beginning of the season, I paid a visit to the parks to see the special outfits and special characters one could meet during the daytime.

I started my day at Disneyland. First up was Cruella.

She's always a fun meet. She did not like my ears the last time I'd met her. Too rodent-like according to her. She much preferred the oversized bow.

Next up was the adorable Minnie dressed as a witch!

Isn't she the cutest?! She also wears this costume at MNSSHP. If you see characters come out the white door between the stores at the back corner of the hub, line up immediately. The lines build up super fast, especially for the Big 8.

Next came Skeleton Goofy!

This is one of my absolute favorite Halloween looks of his, along with his sphinx look on the Halloween on the High Seas cruises! As far as I know, he doesn't meet in it anywhere other than Disneyland.

After Goofy, I met Jafar!

He didn't have his scepter on him the last time we met, so it was a nice surprise!

After Jafar, Pumpkin Donald came out to say hello.

Honestly the cutest pumpkin ever. Hands down. He meets in the same costume for MNSSHP too!

Mickey came round soon after. I'd missed his first set, which set me back a bit.

This is also his outfit for MNSSHP.

My two favorite chipmunks came out next!

They no longer wear these costumes during the day and have switched to their bat costumes from Mickey's Halloween Party. However, you can meet Cop/Robber Chip & Dale on DCL Halloween cruises!

The Queen of Hearts graced us with her appearance next.

She's always a delight. Her eyebrows are also ALWAYS on point!

Pluto came out next, wearing a special collar :)

Pluto was the last meet I needed on Main Street, so I then headed to New Orleans Square for Dr. Facilier, Jack, and Sally.

He was roaming, looking for new victims.

Jack and Sally's line is always long, so I waited about half an hour for them.

They loved the fact that my shirt had them on it! If they're a priority for you, make sure you line up 15 minutes before their meet officially starts.

I headed over to DCA after meeting them, since I'd gotten all the meets I'd come for at DL. First up was Miss Daisy!

These costumes are supposed to emulate 1920s/1930s homemade costumes, which I think they succeeded at. As far as I know, they're all DCA exclusive.

Next up was the big cheese himself.

The lighting was fairly iffy, so I'm planning on retaking all of these next year. Who knows, maybe there'll be new costumes!

Devil Donald, aka the love of my life, was next.

I am absolutely obsessed with his costume.

While waiting for Minnie and Goofy, I decided to take a picture by the Headless Horseman.

The "Ichabod Crane" song was totally playing in my head.

Minnie came out soon after!

She's serving up a LOOK here.

Goofy was roaming, so he was tricky to figure out, but easy to ask for a picture when actually spotted!

Isn't he the world's cutest ghost?!

I left the park after meeting him, since I'd completed all the meet and greets I wanted. A week later, I was back for Mickey's Halloween Party!

This was my second year doing the party, but my first year actually having planned it out and doing MHP exclusive character meets. My costume got a lot of compliments!

All of this was lying around in my closet, so it cost me nothing!

I lined up to get into the Toontown PreParty about an hour before it was set to begin and ended up being first in line to meet Donald.

King of my heart, honestly. I haven't seen him wear this costume anywhere else.

I met Daisy right after.

She had been meeting in a different costume up until that year. I'm unaware of any of the PreParty outfits being anywhere else.

After the ducks, I met the best doggo!

He had a candy corn collar on!

I immediately repeated his queue for Candy Goofy.

He loved my costume since it was from his movie and gave me major snaps for it!

I then moved on to the actual party area. My first stop was Peter Pan and Wendy. I'd met Wendy once at Goofy's Kitchen as a kid, but didn't get a good picture.

She recognized my costume too, which made for a fun interaction!

I was surprised to find out that the queue was also for Mickey & Minnie! Yay for one less line to wait in! They met in similar costumes at Moonlight Magic at Typhoon Lagoon, but not the exact same.

I headed over to the Fantasyland Theater next, where Chip & Dale were rotating with Horace and Clarabelle (it was a rumor that I was intent on finding out about this point). I got Chip and Dale first.

They now meet in these during the day on Main Street for the Halloween season, as of this year.

I immediately lined up again to try to see Horace and Clarabelle. Unfortunately, Clarabelle was working that night, but I got a lovely individual photo with Horace, who is arguably the rarer of the two.

This is his standard old look.

I headed over to Critter Country next, for Rabbit and Pooh in his Halloween costume.

Pooh was first!

He now meets in his bee costume during the day in Critter Country for Halloween time.

Rabbit was also super fun. He loved my costume!

He no longer meets for Halloween season, only occasional pop ups.

Then, I watched the parade! It's quite short compared to Boo to You, but still enjoyable. After the parade, I queued up for Maleficent and watched the fireworks.

She was intimidating, as always. I told her Mal was my second costume option. She didn't seem to understand, though.

On the way out of the park, I saw Gaston and got a quick picture as he was roaming.

Just before my trip to WDW for the weekend before Halloween, I paid a visit to DL to do some magic shots.

This was my favorite!

My next trip was Halloween night. I was with a friend who doesn't like meeting characters, so we limited it to three meets. First up was Mickey dressed as Zorro.

He looked so good!

Candy Corn Minnie was next! We had to wait for her second set, unfortunately, but we met these atmosphere characters in the meantime!

Then the lovely Minnie!

We went for Horace and Clarabelle as the last meet of the night, as I still needed Clarabelle. Lo and behold, she was there!

This was my only time meeting Clarabelle in her classic look.

The rest of the night was spent collecting candy, doing attractions, and watching the fireworks :)

This was my first time truly experiencing Halloween Time at Disneyland, and it was so much fun. I couldn't wait for the new experiences the following year would bring.

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