Halloween on the High Seas Aboard the Disney Wonder

This was my first (and probably only) HotHS cruise, but I enjoyed it a lot! It was a Baja itinerary, but we stayed aboard.

After embarking the ship, and the mandatory drill, I met Minnie! I thought she'd be in her Captain outfit, but they said that would be later in the cruise.

Captain Mickey was around though!

Before dinner, I also got a picture in front of the Halloween tree!

Dinner at Tiana's Place was up next, along with seeing Tiana herself :)

It was a low-key day, so we headed to bed after our late dinner and watched "Mulan" :)

The next day was Halloween on the High Seas!

After spending time getting ready and doing some shopping, I went to meet Cop Chip and Robber Dale!

Next up, Super Donald!

Aren't their costumes precious?!

After that, Candy Corn Pluto!

He put on his angry eyes!

Next up was Minnie, dressed as a fashionable witch. I got to see the Halloween Tree lighting while waiting, which was really cool!

Mickey was up next.

And the one I was most excited for - Sphinx Goofy!

Doesn't he look great?!

After that, we had dinner at Triton's, watched the Scary Stories at Sea show, and then saw "Haunted Mansion" in our stateroom - always funny!

The next day was Pirate Day! I started off by meeting Daisy - who was weirdly in island wear. Apparently characters don't meet in Mexican outfits on 5 day HotHS cruises - excuse to book a new itinerary!

I met Chip and Dale next.

Followed by Mickey, missing his pirate hat.

Then my fave, Stitch!

Goofy, who also decided to forego a hat, was next.

Then Hook and Smee.

And finally Minnie!

We had dinner at Animator's Palate, which was awesome, followed by Pirate fireworks and the late night buffet.

The next day was a sea day, which meant Captain Minnie was out!

Doesn't she look fab?!

I also got to see the afternoon show of "Frozen", which was hilarious.

After, the optional dress up began and I met some snazzy characters, starting with Daisy.

Then Mickey.

Pluto in a fancy collar.

Goofy, who Shutters lost the pic for.

Minnie, who Shutters ALSO lost the pic for.

And ended the night with the #1 duck :)

Dinner was at Tiana's again and was great!

I got sick that night, so the next day was spent in bed, watching "Far From Home" and falling in love with Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal, followed by dinner at Animator's Palate.

This wasn't the most exciting cruise, but still fun. I'm looking forward to boarding the Dream in May! :)

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