DVC Moonlight Magic at DL and DCA

Last year's Moonlight Magic was, in a word, disappointing. I went with friends who don't enjoy meeting characters, and even if I had gone with my character-loving friends, the only characters that would have been worth meeting were Racer Mickey & Minnie. Fortunately, I did get Mickey!

The one at Disneyland earlier this year was slightly more promising, with 4 new characters for me. I got there fairly late and still managed to meet the characters I wanted. First up was the Three Good Fairies with Aurora! I'd missed them at Throwback Nite so this was very cool. Just need Merlin now!

I then met Angelica with no wait. She's extremely rare, so that was pretty cool! I only need Barbossa from the PotC unit now.

Despite a reasonably promising event at DL, considering 2018's DCA event, I signed up for this year's Moonlight Magic at DCA with relatively low expectations.

While on the way to Anaheim with my friend, Spencer, someone on the DVC Facebook group posted a photo of the event map, and let me tell you, I was shook. It listed Kronk and Meet the Robinsons! Both of these were meets I had never done, so I was beyond excited to even get Kronk and one of the Robinsons!

When I reached the park, I met up with my good friend, Linda. The three of us immediately headed to Pacific Wharf, where Kronk was supposed to be. While on the way there, I got a text from my friend, David, that allegedly Donald's nephews and the Cheshire Cat would be at the event too! I put little stock in this since it seemed to just be a rumor, but asked a cast member anyway. They confirmed it! The triplets would be by Soarin' and Chesh was at the "Villainous Friends" meet! Since we were near Grizzly Peak, Linda decided to go to Soarin' to scope out the nephews' line while Spencer and I headed to the villains meet. I couldn't believe my eyes at what I saw. I immediately called Linda to get back over to Grizzly Peak and join us in line. We were the last group to get in for that set. Sooo lucky.

First up, a meet I had been dying for, were these two!!!

I'd been slightly bummed that I'd missed them twice this year at WDW (the race retreat and the DVC Halloween event), but it seemed the Fates wanted me to meet them after all! :) They signed my autograph book as well.

The next meet was another one I was super excited about!

Queen Grimhilde in her witch form! She was cut from the Wine & Dine after party this year, so I was afraid I wouldn't get to meet her unless I sprang and went to Paris or Tokyo. But it happened! She signed as "Grimhilde", which is pretty rare, according to my other character hunting friends.

Next came Shan Yu! I had met him at Oogie Boogie Bash, but he wasn't at Linda's party, so I was super excited for her!

They had a cool backdrop for him with some Chinese paper lanterns. He seemed to be quite happy when I told him I'm 1/8th Mongolian :)

Next came the meet I'd been dreaming of all year. After missing Chesh in Tokyo by a day, I'd hoped the Wonderland brunch would happen during my stay at Disneyland Paris. Sadly, it didn't. Though I met seven new characters that trip, I really wanted Chesh... So when I met him at MM I almost cried with happiness!

He held my hand for our photos and gave me a huge hug when I told him I'd literally searched the world over for him! I got his autograph too.

We had official met five rare characters within the first fifteen minutes of the event! Next, we headed over to Soarin' to see the Huey/Dewey/Louie sitch. There was barely a line and they were set to come out in fifteen minutes! We hopped in. I didn't need them but figured another picture wouldn't hurt. We were probably the third party in line.

Dewey shoved Huey aside when he saw that we were matching! They were signing as well, but since I'd already met them at a private event hosted by a friend, I didn't need autographs.

We then headed back over to Kronk, whose line was already cut. Linda said she'd save us a spot while we went and met the Robinsons, as she'd already met them. Unfortunately, they were going on break just as we arrived. I used the time for a quick water break.

They all signed autographs as well! This film is so underrated - it honestly made me cry when I watched it and Lewis finally got the family he deserved!!

With barely a moment to spare, Spencer and I ran from the Animation building to Pacific Wharf, as Linda was nearing the front of the line. We made it two groups before our turn.

Kronk didn't sign autographs, but hopefully I can meet him again and get it then :)

I'd officially finished all the rare meets of the night and gotten eight new characters total (plus four rares that I'd previously met). The VIPs were out in special outfits, so while Spencer went to eat, Linda and I headed to get them!

These two cuties were in some adorable gingerbread outfits! This is probably my favorite overlay of theirs.

We then met Pluto with little to no line and ended up being the last group in his set!

Linda had work the next day so she said good night and headed out. Spencer was still eating, so I hopped in line for Mickey & Minnie's gorgeous photo op in front of the Christmas tree. However, CMs were saying that it wasn't guaranteed they'd get to everyone as they were about to go on a half hour break. I hopped in anyway. Donald & Daisy came out in the meantime. As soon as Spencer came back, I hopped in Donald & Daisy's line to get their outfits.

They looked so cute!

Goofy had a relatively short wait so I got him too even before Mickey & Minnie came back out!

And then, I hopped back in the Mickey/Minnie line. At 12:00AM, by some stroke of luck, I got to meet them. This was a dream meet as I've always wanted Mickey in one of his Santa overlays!

The background, the outfits... This photo was just magic.

Basically, I met all the VIPs within one hour! So, that's twenty characters in one night, eight of them being new, twelve being quite rare!

Not bad for 3 hours ;)

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