WDW Summer 2019 Trip Report

A few weeks after getting back from study abroad in Europe (and DLP) I went to WDW to round out my trip to all the parks of the world. Here's how it went!

Day 1 - 8/5/19

I started my day off at DHS with Early Morning Magic, which I in turn started off by meeting Bo and Woody! Bo was a new meet for me :)

I followed that up by riding Slinky 5 times and then heading to Epcot!

I met a bunch of characters at Epcot, including Joy, Sadness, Baymax, Ralph, Vanellope, Mulan, and Donald!

This was my favorite. They're so cute!

I also rode Frozen Ever After and Test Track before heading to afternoon tea with my parents and relaxing at the Grand the rest of the evening.

Day 2 - 8/6/19

Minnie had a new dress at Cape May so that was the first order of business that day.

Isn't it pretty???

I then headed to DHS, where I met Mickey and Minnie, followed by the one and only Edna Mode! I then went to say hi to Mike and Sulley, but Mike wasn't there, so I gave Sulley a big hug but told him I'd come back again soon.

Then, after riding Alien Swirling Saucers, I got to meet DJ, my second new character of the trip!

Racing Academy was down, so I decided to check again after lunch at H&V. I headed there next where Donald greeted me :)

Daisy was the first to come round to the table.

Minnie came next.

Goofy came to say hi after her.

And finally Mickey :)

I then headed back to Racing Academy, where I was finally able to watch the show, which was very cute and enjoyable.

I took a break at the hotel, and a nap, until it was time for dinner at 1900 Park Fare! Cinderella and the gang were all in updated outfits.

Prince Charming came around first. My dad asked if he could marry me so I'd stop spending his money.

My fave, Cindy, was next.

Lady Tremaine came by after, and flirted with my dad which made my mom crack up.

Anastasia asked my mom to adopt her, and she said yes.

And the always sassy Drizella rounded out the meal.

I love the food at this meal and had a lot of fun with my family :)

Day 3 - 8/7/19

The next day started out bright and early at Chef Mickey's!

The highlight for me was getting to see Chef Donald. I only need Chef Daisy now!

Next up - DAK!

My plan was to find Kevin first, as I was wearing an Up themed outfit, but I couldn't, so I met my ducks instead.

There was a chance of rain, which is why Scrooge and LP were meeting together!

It started coming down pretty hard after that, so I got a nice break watching the adorable Finding Nemo musical.

Then, I went to meet Dug and Russell, which was the best meet EVER!

They made me an honorary Wilderness Explorer! The two of them loved my outfit.

I got an amazing magical moment when Kevin stopped by!

And Kevin hung out to take a couple of pictures with me after!

Love this candid.

Thank you so much to the amazing CMs who made this happen. You honestly made my trip!

Next up was the Up bird show - it was an Up day after all! I enjoyed it quite a lot! I loved Dug and Russell's part in it - so cute!

Day 4 - 8/8/19

It was the day I'd been waiting for - Moonlight Magic! However, first up, I had some fun planned at Magic Kingdom, starting with meeting Mickey 90 Mickey & Minnie!

Followed by a castle pic.

Next up, I met Pluto in his circus outfit!

So cute!! I then used my Space Mountain FP before heading to lunch at Crystal Palace!

I finally got a good picture with Piglet!

The CMs also got me a picture with Pooh and his topiary in the background since I had to wait a while for him :)

After lunch, I went to meet Jack Sparrow, followed by seeing Move It, Shake It. I then used my Mine Train FP before getting ready for Moonlight Magic!

I met up with David, Matt, and Will at the Grand and headed over to DAK. After using a meal voucher to grab a free entree and drink from Satuli Canteen, we headed straight to Mowgli and Baloo's queue, where we were the first ones to arrive. Unfortunately, Mowgli and Baloo themselves were about twenty minutes late, which set us back slightly. What a great meet, though!

Mowgli was one of the characters I was most excited to meet - so I unceremoniously kicked Baloo out of the picture (we have a ton together, though, so he was chill about it). Mowgli wanted to make tiger faces!

After meeting these two, we passed by the Up character queue, which appeared pretty long. Instead, we headed to the Bug's Life characters - my main goal for the night was to meet Princess Atta, who I'd been trying to meet for a couple of years. She loved my shirt that had her on it and kicked Flik out of our picture. But he returned!

The queue for them was no longer than 15 minutes, including a 5 minute break for them.

After the bugs, we headed to Kevin's line. However, since she moves around quite a bit, we were able to switch off and get the Brers in the meantime!

It was 11PM and I was drenched in sweat. Florida, man.

Kevin was on break when I got back, so we checked out the dance party really quick.

I got an awesome pic dancing with safari Goofy!

And a blurry but still awesome one with Pluto AND Goofy.

We went back for Kevin after this.

Doesn't she look gorgeous?? All in all, we probably waited about 30 minutes for her.

Next, we met Koda and Kenai with literally no wait! It's sad not many people remember these guys.

We ended the night going back to the Up characters.

I decided to get a solo pic with Carl since I had them already with the others :)

This was a really fun event, and not as crowded as I thought it would be! Despite the humidity, we had tons of fun and met all the characters we were hoping to, including two new ones for me!

Day 5 - 8/9/19

Another day at DAK was the plan for the next day. I slept in pretty late and got there around 12. On my way in, I ran into the gorgeous DiVine, who I'm glad to have met as she's since been cut :(

Next up? Miss Daisy!

Followed by my munks.

Chip loved that I coordinated my outfit with his!

Then, I met Goofy!

He honestly gives such good hugs.

After meeting Goofy, I headed to Pandora and used my FoP FP. Such a great attraction.

Then, I met Donald!

Then, I met Pluto before riding Dinosaur!

Followed by Launchpad!

And no LP without Scrooge!

Next up was a ride on Everest before dinner at Sanaa.

Day 6 - 8/10/19

My mom and I started the day off with a tasty breakfast at Ravello! We loved it. Goofy came by our table first to say hi.

Followed by Minnie...

And then Mickey!

I then headed to DHS, met Mickey and Minnie again, followed by Vampirina and Fancy Nancy, a new character for me!

I fulfilled my promise to Sulley and went back to see him and Mike next.

And, of course, I saw Edna again.

I then headed to MK to meet standard Phineas and Ferb for the first time. We were all sad summer was almost over.

After that, I went to the Poly, where I found some friends roaming in the lobby!

First up, I saw Pluto.

Then Mickey.

Followed by Lilo!

And of course, Stitch, who loved my shirt :)

I then went to Disney Springs for some shopping - and to meet this dude :)

I ended the day with dinner at Garden Grill, just for farmer Mickey.

Day 7 - 8/11/19

The last day of a trip is always bittersweet, but I loved this one because I met 2 new characters! First up, I used my Mine Train and Peter Pan FPs before meeting these two, who I'd wanted to meet forever!

And that was the end of another very successful trip, with 10 new characters met. I cannot wait to go back for my birthday next year and experience Flower and Garden, Moonlight Magic at MK and Epcot, Space 220, and a cruise aboard the Dream!

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