Disneyland Resort for My Birthday

For my birthday, I decided not to go into the parks, but to enjoy the character meals available outside of the parks as well as go to Pop Up Disney that was around for a limited time this summer!

I started my day off at Storyteller's Cafe, and had a wonderful breakfast.

Pluto was the first friend to stop by our table!

This was my first time at the new Mickey's Tales of Adventure Breakfast, so these were all new outfits for me :)

Dale came by next - with a photo bomber!

He kicked her out for our next picture. Ruuuude.

The host of the breakfast himself came around next!

Followed by Chip.

It was quite a while till Minnie came around, but when she did, the CMs made a magical moment happen for me!

And a solo pic with Minnie of course :)

Next on the agenda was some birthday shopping, which is always fun! Then, we went to Pop Up Disney.

After a short wait, we were escorted into the first room, which celebrated Mickey and Minnie's love!

I need this couch for my apartment.

I also got some kisses from my favorite mice.

And a picture with this backdrop!

The next room was themed "It All Started Out with a Mouse" and showcased Mickey's early years!

What better place to start than posing as Steamboat Willie?

And here's another cute photo op! I believe this is Plane Crazy, but I haven't seen that short in forever.

Also all the plushies!!!!

The next room celebrated Mickey's many friendships.

There was this cute wall signed for him by his besties!

Goofy is cut off but I loved this wall!

Goofy made him a cut lil abstract painting!

Pluto made a statue of dog treats!

And a sweet painting by his sweetheart!

Just an aside - I'm just posting the photos that came out best from every room. There were far more photo ops than you see here.

The next room celebrated Sorcerer Mickey's Magic!

I'll admit the lighting was a bit wonky here.

The next room was Mickey around the world! There were some very cute postcard photo ops, like this one!

This area was dedicated to (I believe) a Chinese themed op!

And this one felt very "Coco"-centric.

It's amazing how many people around the world have fallen in love with the magic of Disney.

This next room was called the "Forever Mickey" room.

And the final one - my favorite - Mickey at Disneyland!

Here I am with some bday balloons!

And then inside a balloon!

Park snacks = the best snacks.

And more snacks!

We were pretty hungry at this point and, luckily, it was time for dinner at Goofy's Kitchen!

Goofy gave us a warm welcome, as always.

Minnie came around first and loved my shirt!

Mickey stopped by next :)

Dale followed.

And you know Chip won't be far behind!

I ended the day with my favorite pupper.

It was really fun exploring Downtown Disney and enjoying its offerings. You can have fun at the resort without even going into the parks. Though, I'll admit, the parks are my favorite part of any visit.

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