Create & Cultivate Polka Dot Summit

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend the first ever Polka Dot Summit! This was an event in conjunction with Disney and Create & Cultivate that was all about empowering women and celebrating the one and only Minnie Mouse.

I got to the venue, Forme in Burbank, and found a line already forming for 12:30PM checkin at 11:50AM. I got in line and made some friends while waiting. We also received a bag of goodies that I decided to open later, save for the adorable ears that I put on as soon as I saw them peaking out of the bag!

While we were waiting for checkin, we heard the tragic news about Kobe and Gigi Bryant. We were all shocked and hoping it was a hoax, but unfortunately it tragically turned out to be true. We collectively grieved the loss of a legend. Everyone was shocked to the core. I want to take a moment to say how much of an inspiration Mamba and Mambacita were and how much they will be missed.

After checkin, we mingled a bit and got to go to the bar for free snacks and drinks. I stuck to water, but there was also a taco truck. There was a station for Minnie makeovers and some other cool things too! After a while, a "surprise guest" came to say hi - it was Minnie in her outfit designed by PAIGE Denim!

My first picture with her ended up a bit bad due to the glare, but I was told she may be out again later, so decided to hope for the best!

After this, it was time for the first panel. I headed inside the building and found a seat. The host of the panel came out first and spoke about Kobe, which was very touching. We had a moment of silence for him before the panelists came out. They gave some great advice about authenticity and other things regarding creating content.

After the panel, I decided to do some of the photo ops!

This was Minnie's desk - so cute!

And Minnie's living room!

Minnie's closet...

And Minnie's bathtub :)

I browsed around the exhibits a little before heading back outside, as I heard Minnie was going to come out again! I ended up being second in line and got a great pic with our coordinating outfits (I'd banked on her wearing this when getting ready)!

I ended up leaving the event a bit early as I was very hungry and missing my family, but it was such a fun event. On the way out I was given another gift! Here is a picture of all the goodies the attendees received.

We got a pose-able Minnie fashion doll, rose gold ears, a sweatshirt, a vinyl figurine set, a phone case, a phone grip, a ring, a journal with a pencil, and of course the tote bag they all came in!

I love love loved this event and hope they have more in the future!

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