Christmas at WDW 2018

My last trip of the year in 2018 was to Walt Disney World in mid December. Finals were over and I couldn't wait to celebrate finishing my first quarter at UCLA!

Day 1, 12/16/18

I started my trip off at Epcot for the Festival of Holidays. First things first, I met Ralph and Vanellope for the first time! Vanellope signed for both of them.

I was their first guest, so Vanellope walked me in, holding hands. They both loved my candy jersey!

I did a few of my usual attractions (Test Track, Mission: Space, Spaceship Earth) before World Showcase opened. I was super excited to meet Belle in her Christmas dress!!

I was obsessed with "Belle's Enchanted Christmas" growing up, so this was a dream come true!

Next, I braved the hour long line to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus.

I'm gonna meet the other storytellers next time hopefully!

Next on the agenda was MVMCP. I started off my night by lining up for Sandy Claws and Sally super early!

Worth it since I was the second person in!

Next, I waited for Pooh and friends. I was near the front for this too.

I love their scarves!

I then moved on to Minnie and Daisy, who luckily, had a very short line! The party had officially started by this point.

Next, up? Tony's Town Square Dessert Party. I booked this specifically to meet Tony, but the food was quite good too! Sadly, I'd eaten at Casey's Corner just before. Sad.

Tony was so so kind. I'd highly recommend this add-on!

I ended up meeting Mickey next and ending my night, still tired from my flight the previous day.

Day 2, 12/17/18

My second day at WDW was very chill. I only went into DAK to meet Mickey & Minnie in their Christmas wear in the evening.

We went to Disney Springs to shop and eat for the rest of the evening.

Day 3, 12/18/18

Day 3 was quite a bit more intense. I started my day off at Magic Kingdom.

Christmas tree pictures are always a must when at MK.

I started off at Big Thunder with my early afternoon FastPass. Always so fun!

Next up? Meeting Gaston.

He's always such a fun meet!! I had been so bummed that he wasn't out on my MK day the previous trip.

After Gaston, I went on Space Mountain and Barnstormer. Then? My second attempt at Mickey's Backyard BBQ!

I was happy that my trip coincided with the last few Mickey's Backyard BBQs because I hadn't met Goofy at the last one.

After some hot dogs and sangria, I met Mickey and Minnie!

And then Goofy, Chip, and Dale!

After this, we did DAK After Hours and rode FoP probably 258679 times. I love love love both Mickey's Backyard BBQ and DAK After Hours. Miss that BBQ so much.

Day 4, 12/19/18

And suddenly, it was our last day. I started off with Early Morning Magic at DHS.

I rode Saucers twice, TSM once, and Slinky 4 times!

I also met Woody and Jessie all done up for Christmas.

And Santa Buzz too!

They had a lot of cute Christmas photo ops that I did.

The claaaaaaw.

Luxo Ball!

Popsicle Wall.

And Christmas Hamm :)

After spending a fun morning there, I used my Saucers Fastpass, rode RRC single rider, watched MuppetVision, and rode Star Tours! Then it was time for the last variant of H&V I needed - Minnie's Holiday Dine.

Then Donald came round!

Followed by Minnie...

Gorgeous Daisy...

And finally Mickey!

After lunch, I went back to the hotel and packed before it was time for our Artist Point reservation. I was so excited to try the (then) new Storybook Dining!

Our first visitor to the table was Snow.

Dopey came around next.

Then, the highlight of the trip, Grumpy!!!!

The Evil Queen bade us farewell on the way out.

I will say that I found the food not so great at this meal, but the atmosphere and characters were great.

After dinner, I went to ride Slinky one last time and see the Jingle Jam fireworks! So much fun.

And I decided to finish my trip at Fairytale Hall, seeing two of my favorite princesses, since my friend was working at the Hall.

Absolutely gorgeous Cindy.

And ending the trip with Elena.

This was a short, but fun trip. I hope to go back for Christmastime again soon, and maybe even another Christmas cruise.

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