Anaheim Ducks Day at Disneyland Resort, 2020

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

My first Disneyland Resort visit of 2020 was to enjoy the festivities at Anaheim Ducks Day at DCA!

Of course, the main event (for me, at least) was meeting Wildwing, the Ducks' mascot! The "Mighty Ducks" animated series was one of my favorite TV shows as a kid, so meeting Wildwing Flashblade was a literal dream come true.

I arrived at DCA at around 10:30AM and headed to Hollywoodland Stage 17 where the festivities would be taking place. The line for Ducks Day merchandise was huge, so I was pretty glad I'd ordered my jersey via Amazon and paired it with simple black Mickey ears. The CM I asked about Wildwing's meet and greet was very confused and pointed me in the wrong way and then told me that it was sold out. I followed my gut and headed into Stage 17, where I learned I was right. The meet and greet he was talking about was for the players. I entered the queue for Wildwing and was about 20th in line.

Wildwing came out and, though I was bummed he wasn't in his green and black jersey, I was so excited to meet him!

He even signed my autograph book next to Donald's nephew, Louie.

After that, I decided to check out the other festivities. I got a picture with the Anaheim Ducks zamboni, which totally reminded me of the scene in "Deadpool" where Wade kills one of Francis's associates with one!

You're gonna get killed by a zamboni... In 5 minutes!

There were some other cool things in Stage 17, like interactive hockey games, representatives from the ticketing department, etc. I stuck to the photo ops.

Here I am, rappelling from the rafters like Wildwing!

With a cool backdrop of DCA and some props! I wish they'd had it on the Pixar Pier bridge though.

And a Penalty Box shot!

Even for someone who isn't a huge hockey fan, this was really enjoyable and I hope Disney continues to offer it!


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