A Whirlwind 48 Hours: From Coast to Coast

On a whim, I decided to book a red-eye flight and one night stay at WDW to attend Moonlight Magic at Animal Kingdom. I saw the lineup had Jim Hawkins - one of my most wanted characters, plus Kerchak and Kala! I knew then and there that I needed to go. I also ended up deciding to book a last minute private breakfast event with Phineas, Ferb, and the elusive Agent P! He hasn't met in years, so my friends and I were really excited to have the chance to meet him.

I headed out to the airport around 9PM and landed at MCO around 6AM. I boarded the Magical Express with only a backpack and reached Old Key West in 20 minutes. I found out that, luckily, my room was ready. I took a quick nap, shower, and then did my makeup before catching an Uber to Senses at the Grand Floridian to get my hair done.

After that, a friend made some special magic happen and I was invited to the court of Queen Elinor, a character I'd wanted to meet for so long!

Isn't she just regal?!

My friends and I grabbed lunch afterward, after which I met up with some family friends and went to see the "Beauty and the Beast" musical at DHS. Some magic happened there but I want to keep that to myself for now :)

Then, it was time for Moonlight Magic at DAK - the main reason for my trip! I was brimming with excitement. I headed straight there from DHS and ate at Pizzafari with some friends.

We ended up being the first in line for the Tarzan unit. Kala didn't join for the first set but we got some fun group and individual shots with Tarzan, Jane, & Terk!

We queued again and got some group pics with Kerchak!

I asked for an individual with Kerchak as well.

30 minutes (and a lot of stress about whether or not Kala would be joining) later, Kala joined for the third set! :)

She was so kind, I loved her! We got an individual as well :)

At this point, it wasn't even the official start of the party. We queued up for Jim and were first in his line - 30 minutes before the start of the party and we'd done 3 meets!

Meeting Jim was an actual dream come true for me :)

I had so much fun solar surfing in our photo!

After meeting Jim, we met the gorgeous as always Kevin.

Her line was much shorter as compared to last year's events. Lines were pretty short all around, if I'm being honest.

We then met Jose and Panchito!

They did not take individuals with me, unfortunately. Just have to wait for Viva Navidad! :)

After that, I got to see Mowgli and Baloo.

We then headed to Dinoland. The dance party was very chill and characters were willing to take pics!

I only needed Daisy, but could have easily gotten all of the characters :)

We then met Chip & Dale, who had the second-longest queue of the night!

It was so nice to finally get a good picture with them!!

We then met Jiminy Cricket with little to no line - so cool!

He wasn't listed on the map (nor was Jim, I believe), but he was meeting on the Discovery Island Trails. It was nice getting a better photo with him too! :)

We then waited in our longest queue of the night - Pocahontas and John Smith.

This was my first time meeting them together!

I then met Koda & Kenai with very little wait :)

Our last meet of the night was the "Up" crew, which was a much shorter wait than previous years.

We finished all the meets at the event by 11:20PM, which was AMAZING! It gave me some time to catch some z's before our 7:30AM event the next morning.

I woke up around 6AM to pack up all my stuff before heading to the Contemporary, where our breakfast event was to be held with a bunch of friends :)

Our breakfast was delicious - chicken sausage, breakfast quesadillas, and more.

The first person who came out to play was AGENT P!

He was sooooo soft. Meeting him was an absolute dream!

After, Phineas and Ferb joined in the fun!

Getting this combo shot made the stress of planning an event all the more worthwhile :)

It was so nice hanging out with fellow character lovers and dear friends.

Afterwards, I headed to DHS with some friends to do some attractions. We also got to meet Max :)

It's always a fun surprise to run into him :)

We ate lunch at the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge, my first time there, and I enjoyed it!

Afterwards, we headed to MuppetVision, where Disney Magic happened and we were able to meet Sweetums!!!!!

I'm not gonna lie - we screamed a little.

Then, half an hour later, I was on my way to the airport. But the fun wasn't over!! I was heading to Sweetheart's Nite the next night where I'd meet LI SHANG!

My mom and I got to Disneyland around 7PM and immediately headed to Frontierland where I queued up for Shang. He came out around 9:15PM.

This was an actual dream meet of mine as he was the last "Mulan" character I needed :)

I then headed over to meet Hercules and Meg!

I also got individual pictures with them this time around.

They weren't in their winter wear, but oh well! Maybe next year :)

Next was Milo and Kida, who had a very short line.

It was awesome getting a PhotoPass pic with them this year rather than only one on my phone!

My last meet of the night was Mickey & Minnie :)

They both had the same special outfits as last year, so I was glad I was able to get them this year.

Then I headed home. It was such an amazing few days spent traveling with friends, meeting new characters, and just good times :)

I can't wait till Pixar Nite at Disneyland and then my next trip to Walt Disney World in April, along with two more Moonlight Magic events AND two more more private events hosted by me!

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