80s Nite + My Longest Day EVER at Disneyland

January 29th was the longest day I've ever spent at any Disney park. My friend, Maymun, and I ubered from LA at 6:30AM to get to Disneyland for park opening so we could do Rise of the Resistance. We arrived at the Harbor drop-off area at 7:51AM, raced through security, and were in the park at 7:58AM. We got boarding group 56. It would have been an earlier one if I didn't have so many tickets to sort through. We also got a Radiator Spring Racers Fastpass for 9:20AM - which was perfect.

After getting our boarding passes, we ventured to Galaxy's Edge with some friends to see if Rey was out in her scavenging gear, and by some insane stroke of luck, she was!!!

We all basically let out a collective scream at this.

After that, Maymun and I headed to get some breakfast on Main Street and into DCA. We went on Incredicoaster and it was, not to be corny, incredible! It was then time to use our RSR FP. Then, we decided to check out the Anna and Elsa queue - it was a whopping 110 minute wait, so we passed on that and met Minnie in her Buena Vista Street outfit instead.

This was actually my first time meeting her in Buena Vista Street standard. I just never bothered before lol.

We then went on Toy Story Mania, followed by some Lunar New Year meet and greets, starting with Mickey and Minnie!

Followed by the Three Little Pigs :)

We watched the processional afterwards before heading back to Disneyland, meeting Newsie Mickey in standard for the first time!

We re-entered Disneyland, ready to use the Space Mountain FP we had just acquired - it was for just 10 minutes later! But, on the way, we ran into some special guests by the castle...

Disney couples are popping up everyday leading up to Valentine's Day, and Prince Phillip and Aurora were the couple of the day as it was the anniversary of "Sleeping Beauty"'s release! I also got a solo picture with Prince Phillip.

It was so cool meeting them in front of their castle!

I also ran into Gaston wearing his new outfit - it's so cool how you see characters randomly roaming at Disneyland!

We then went on Space Mountain, followed by Maymun's first time on Rise of the Resistance - despite never seeing "Star Wars", she loved it! We took a short break before hitting up Big Thunder, Indiana Jones, and then a beignet break.

Our friends who were elsewhere in the park told us check-in inside the park for 80s Nite had begun, so we went to get our wristbands, followed by a quick ride on Star Tours. Along with some friends, we started the line for Roger Rabbit, and were the second guests of the night to meet him!

I was happy to get a better picture with him after so many years. Sadly no autographs, but it did keep the line moving!

Next, we met up with our friend, Linda, and met Sebastian!

Then, the longest line of the night... Ewoks. I needed both sets, so we ended up spending an hour here (in addition to an hour I spent earlier in the night before the event officially started - which was a fail).

The first set was Paploo and Teebo - it was my first time meeting Teebo :)

I posed on each speeder since it was just me in the photo.

And the second set was Wicket and Logray - Linda is in this pic with me!

I also got one with just Logray.

This queue was also for the Hoth photo op, which I missed at Star Wars Nite 2018 - so cool!

We ended the night by meeting Mickey in his Mousercise outfit - so freakin' cute!

We headed home, exhausted. but happy. It was such a fun day and I absolutely cannot wait for the next Disneyland After Dark event we're attending - Sweetheart's Nite on 2/13 :)

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